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16 / 09 / 2008
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Rhodium_W Hard-SPL Released

NOTE: This is NOT a SIM unlocker - it also doesn't unlock Security for other radios. if you need that, GO HERE
NEWEST PACKAGE ALWAYS AVAILABLE HERE (so if you are directed to this page because the HardSPL program said it needed an update, use this link): Download newest RhodiumW Hard-SPL package here

Preface: okay, it was released only this weekend! but trust me the wait was worth it as it works really great and smooth now!

Licensing information: it's like with previous Hard-SPL unlockers - every user gets one free use of the Hard-SPL, further use is subject to paying 3GBP per each device.
however, if you are a private user, you can have other uses free on request if needed, such as using it on a replacement device. 
the license is valid forever and all this works as transparently as possible, so for normal users nothing is noticable; while businesses who need to unlock more devices than that, can use the link inside the program to send payment or contact cmonex or Olipro if you want to discuss bulk unlocking.
contact info is: via support link
IMPORTANT: please do not use this contact info for asking help for problems unrelated to licensing unless you are a paying customer. other messages will not be answered - instead you can use the Rhodium CDMA forum or Touch pro 2 CDMA forum for other issues.

0) this package is for Rhodium CDMA-GSM worldphone version only (CDMA Touch Pro 2, not the original Touch Pro) devices. only RHOD400, RHOD500 modelids are accepted. this Hard-SPL supports WM6.5.
1) if you have Vista / Windows 7, WMDC update to 6.1 (or whatever is latest) is recommended.

Instructions: read this if unsure how to install Hard-SPL... if you are an experienced user then you'll probably not need to read most of this but if you are unsure or run into an issue, then you should read the following!
1) download newest RhodiumW Hard-SPL package and extract this to an empty folder.
2) you must Have Phone Synced with PC in Windows Mobile!!! the device needs to be connected to Activesync or WMDC via USB cable. and it must not be in Flight/Airplane mode (i.e. the phone part should be on).
3) internet access is required as the program checks online for updates and for the license.
4) run Rhodium-HardSPL.exe on your PC, make sure it's launched from a local drive (not through network drive, etc.). running it on XP requires Admin logon, and Vista/Windows 7 will automatically prompt to allow it to run in Admin mode, so allow it please.
important: if you get an antivirus warning, please ignore it, it contains no harmful code (just used a packer to compress it). if you encounter DEP errors, then add it to the exception list in DEP settings.
5) follow steps as prompted in the Hard-SPL program. if this is the first run of Hard-SPL on a device after hard reset, you must select Automatic flash mode (the first button in Welcome screen).
notes: you should usually go for Automatic flash mode; the Manual flash option is only to be used as noted below in "NOTE 3" - any other errors triggered while running in Autoflash mode will have to be fixed as instructed in the error message.
6) it will ask you to wait while it prepares for the flashing, press OK.
7) now it should go through without any error messages, if one does pop up, then please follow the instructions included in the error text. if no specific instruction is shown, then ask for help in the forums, but this should not ever occur (as this means a really fatal error occurred).
8) at this point the device did hopefully went to a black screen. this is the SSPL version, which is temporary. then RUU (Rom Update Utility) will instantly launch.
9) some notes: when RUU says it will perform a hard reset and cause data loss, do not worry, it is not going to do this. also when it says the flash will take 10 minutes, ignore that, it will only take a minute or so.
10) SPL flashes, device automatically reboots, job done.
11) to confirm you got it installed, go into bootloader mode (tricolour screen!) and verify the screen shows 1.00.OliNex, which is the current Hard-SPL version.

Donations are always appreciated, the Hard-SPL program will provide you with a link at the end of the process to make it easier. any little helps!!! Thank you!!
Important Notes:
NOTE 1:  you will not see the SPL version during normal boot, that is the OS version, not SPL!
to enter SPL to check version, you need the following key combination: Power Button + Volume Down + Reset Button. means, do a soft reset while holding the "volume down" key and power key on the side of the device. hold these keys until you see a special tricolour screen which is the bootloader mode.

NOTE 2: this is unsigned Hard-SPL. no limitations on flashing ROMs (except of course some Radio roms). also, this has overwrite protection against HTC RUU's overwriting HSPL with a stock one, so if someone needs to revert to stock SPL for warranty reasons, a stock SPL downgrade package is posted here below. use this relocker *only* if you need to return the phone for warranty, and only use it as last step - after reflashing stock OS and radio. see steps at the end of this post about how to reflash stock SPL.

NOTE 3: anyone having USB problems with the device after it  already entered SSPL mode, please download SSPL-Manual-Rhodium.exe from this link Click here for Manual SSPL download, extract and copy it to the device and run it. then once the screen has gone black, run the Hard-SPL package on the PC and you must select Manual flash option. *important*: make sure that the USB cable is plugged in and device is synced to Windows Mobile even if doing manual method.

NOTE 4: do not use this RUU for anything other than SPL flashing (i.e. hardspl or stock spl restore)!!! nothing other than SPL's made by Olinex team will flash to make SSPL more secure. if you want to flash some other rom, then use shipped RUU or a customRUU if you need to flash cooked ROMs.

NOTE 5: supported OS versions: both 32-bit and 64-bit XP, Vista, Windows 7RC and later. Windows 2000 was untested, and pre-RC win7 (lower than build 7100) is explicitly not supported. also, the program may be unstable or not work on Virtual systems, so it's recommended to try outside Virtual OS software.

Troubleshooting Tips:

- read the instructions above.
- read the instructions above.
- read the instructions above.
nothing happens on the device, does not enter black screen mode:
- anyone having problems with the device crashing instead of entering SSPL, make sure you've used Automatic flash mode before to put the device in SSPL (if you hard-reset your device, you have to repeat Automatic flash mode at least once).
- please make sure you watch the device screen if it asks about running files (it probably won't, I made sure of that, but just in case, check, for example it can warn about model incompatibility).
- also you can try unticking advanced usb/network functionality in settings on the device. exact location of this will probably be: start menu / settings / connections / usbtopc applet.
general usb connection error problems:
- if you get connection error in RUU after the device goes to black SSPL screen: make sure device was still synced via USB to the PC at the point of it entering SSPL (the black screen) and do not try replugging please, that will probably just crash SSPL.
- it will take a few seconds for the RUU to detect the device, but do not worry, as soon as the USB connection is established in SSPL, RUU will see device. if not (happens very rarely), wait for RUU to time out (or wait a few minutes). then remove back cover, reset, it will boot OS again, then you can retry unlocking process.
- anyone having problems with the device entering SSPL without functional USB port ("ERROR 260 CONNECTION" RUU error), you can get SSPL-Manual-Rhodium.exe from attachment in this post, copy it to the *device* itself and run it. then once the screen is showing black, run the Hard-SPL package on the PC and select Manual flash option. please do not use Manual flash option for any other purposes
- try a different USB port
- try different USB cable
- do not touch USB cable during the process especially if it is already a bit dodgy
- also do not use USB hub
- you can also try rebooting your PC
- and you can try using another PC.
- another reason for USB connection error: if your PC takes too long to load the drivers (if your device is in bootloader for the first time it needs to do that), then if RUU times out, but device is still in black screen, just leave it there and re-run the Hard-SPL package when driver installation finishes - you must use Manual Flash option in such a case. I recommend to wait for Windows to take its time searching for the USB drivers, then click Next in RUU only when they are installed.
- finally, you can try disabling antivirus or firewall programs on the PC.
ModelID checking: if SSPL loader says it's for a different model or device, please make sure you are using the correct HardSPL package. currently this SSPL accepts only RHOD400, RHOD500 modelids i.e. the CDMA-GSM worldphone version, but if we get notified of another compatible RhodiumW version, we will instantly modify it to allow those models. check modelid by entering SPL tricolour screen manually and note what it says (RHOD400, RHOD500, or something else). note: RHOD1xx, 2xx, 3xx are not going to be compatible at all!
other issues:
- if device reports that Enterbootloader.exe fails to run (says missing component or corrupt signature or similar), try a hard reset.
- if device reboots instead of going to SSPL screen (black), which is very unlikely to happen, then contact us by PM to cmonex. do not PM OliNex user, that is not monitored frequently (and PM's to it are disabled now anyway).
- if none of the above help, read thread for further suggestions, if still nothing, make a post in thread describing all details about the exact situation.

how to reflash Stock/Shipped SPL: - STEP BY STEP - FOR WARRANTY REASONS ONLY!

0. please make sure you already flashed stock ROM and radio, because stock SPL flash is *always* the last step before sending the device in.
1. download the RhodiumW Relocker by clicking here, extract the zip and run the EXE on your PC
2. if you wish to replace RUU_Signed.NBH that got extracted, feel free to do so, but not necessary (this Hard-SPL will only allow overwrite with a SPL made by us). the included one is the 0.63.0000 stock SPL. 3. flash
4. verify if it flashed by checking version in tricolour screen, it should say 0.63.0000, not 1.00.OliNex.


-new release coming soon, fixes a specific problem for a small group of people-
-more troubleshooting tips soon-


first, "OliNex" is a team which means: cmonex + Olipro
Olipro -> concept of EXE program that runs on the PC, Hard-SPL concept, server-side license code and maintaining the licenses.
cmonex -> HSPL package on PC, SSPL loader for windows mobile and SSPL binary. Hard-SPL binary. (SSPL loader: partially based on haret and old pof&Olipro jumpspl code),

Donations are always appreciated, the Hard-SPL program will provide you with a link at the end of the process to make it easier. any little helps!!! Thank you!!